Use our library of hundreds of "resistance-free" Activation Affirmations to target any desire from self-love, romantic love or new friendships to more money, success, or ideas. "Resistance-free" means each Activation Affirmation is specially structured to be free of any language could potentially work against the true intention of the affirmation. Use these Activation Affirmations with your supplements or just anytime you need them. This list is growing all the time, so check back for new additions!



  • I Honor my Self as the embodiment of Love and Claim my right to receive Love in all the ways I desire
  • I am always aligned with the frequency of Love
  • I am grateful the Love I seek is seeking me
  • What is meant for me will find me
  • I cultivate inner peace through spiritual practices
  • I recognize my own divinity
  • I trust my inner wisdom
  • It’s ok for me to want to improve myself
  • I love myself more and more everyday
  • I am so special, beautiful, smart and kind!
  • I am the embodiment of all things good in the world
  • I’m magical!
  • I am a magnet for love
  • I deeply love, accept, and appreciate myself
  • I am worthy of feeling cherished and adored
  • My needs and desires matter
  • I am grateful to recognize myself as the embodiment of love
  • I am so beautiful
  • I’m so lucky to be me
  • It is so fun to live life in my skin
  • My gifts and talents are special and valuable
  • I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made
  • I choose myself every single day
  • I nurture my mind, body, and spirit daily
  • I radiate self-confidence and inner joy
  • I am perfect as I am now
  • I am proud my growth and achievements
  • I love nourishing my body
  • I treat myself kindly
  • I love myself enough to only surround myself with positive
  • I celebrate my wins, big and small
  • My emotions are valid and worth compassion
  • I am 100% capable of anything


  • I am ready to welcome healthy, fulfilling love into my life
  • I attract loving, compassionate romantic partners
  • Love flows to me effortlessly and abundantly
  • I joyfully give and receive love every day 
  • I trust the universe is bringing me my perfect partner
  • I attract relationships that uplift and inspire me
  • True love is mine for the taking
  • I am magnetic to positive, caring romance
  • I welcome a conscious partnership built on trust
  • I communicate openly and honestly in relationships
  • I embody self-love and positive energy to attract love
  • I am whole as I am and a romantic relationship would be a
    fun experience
  • I embrace intimacy and affection in healthy ways
  • I allow love to find me in divine timing
  • I welcome new love when the time is right
  • I recognize what healthy love feels like
  • I make an amazing partner
  • I am calling fulfilling passion and romance into my reality
  • I know what I want in a romantic partner and I trust they
    are on their way to me
  • I’m grateful to have a partner to grow with
  • My partner and I see each other clearly and love completely
  • My partner and I resolve conflicts quickly with empathy and
  • I am in a relationship where we support each other's dreams
    and ambitions
  • I am in a relationship where we respect each other's
    boundaries and needs
  • I enjoy deep intimacy on all levels with my partner
  • I am with a partner who shares the same life vision as me
  • My partner and I honor our partnership daily through our
  • Healthy love enhances every area of my life
  • True love has found me and I found true love
  • I am grateful for the love in my life and my ability to
    recognize and receive it
  • Joy overflows from the love I share
  • I welcome healthy, harmonious love
  • True partnership that empowers me to shine is mine
  • I am ready for the relationship of my dreams


  • I am attract fun, fulfilling friendships into my life easily
  • My social circle is growing and filled with joy 
  • I connect deeply with like-minded people
  • I nurture new friendships with care and consistency  
  • I am an amazing friend to others
  • I am building a community that inspires me
  • I welcome new social connections 
  • I embody warmth, empathy and light to draw people in
  • I seek out settings and activities where I can meet new
  • I initiate and invest in reaching out
  • New friendships quickly feel comfortable and familiar 
  • I am magnetically attracting my people 
  • People love and appreciate my unique gifts, humor and
  • I embrace moments to engage in meaningful ways
  • I keep an open mind to different personalities and
  • I make genuine emotional connections 
  • I put care and attention into each interaction
  • I live authentically and people appreciate me for it
  • I cheer on those around me
  • I embrace the joy of meeting someone new
  • I create opportunities to connect through shared interests
  • I create safe spaces for deep sharing and building trust
  • I honor each person's unique spirit and contributions
  • I attract friendships where we celebrate each other’s
    milestones and achievements genuinely
  • I enjoy the magical flow of great conversations
  • I trust the timing of soulmate friend arrivals
  • I welcome community and fellowship
  • I cross paths with amazing people every day
  • My friendships are healthy, supportive and harmonious
  • I am attracting my people
  • I am grateful for the gift of friendship both new and old


  • Everything is always working out for me
  • The universe is working in my favor at all times
  • I tune into my inner wisdom to guide me through periods of uncertainty  
  • I welcome relationships that serve me with love
  • I welcome clarity and decisiveness into my love life
  • My path ahead is filled with peace and purpose 
  • I trust in the timing of my soulmate arrival  
  • The universe is always guiding me in the right direction
  • My intuition is guided by my highest Self and it always
    guides me correctly
  • I trust what is meant for me will find me no matter what
  • I make choices from a place of empowerment
  • I know what to do and I love myself enough to do it
  • I honor my needs and path
  • Every experiences is a push in the direction of my best life
  • I embrace where I am now while on the way to where I am
  • I am tuned into higher understanding
  • I am protected and safe
  • I handle every situation from a place of strength and grace
  • I surrender to what is meant to be for my highest good
  • I welcome signs to guide me forward
  • Solutions arise effortlessly
  • Everything happening is leading me to my highest good
  • Closed doors illuminate my path to the open ones   
  • I have faith in divine timing
  • I release the need to know how everything will unfold
  • I embody peace on my life's adventure 
  • I flow with change and trust my abilities
  • My life ahead grows brighter each day 
  • I make every decision from a place of peace and clarity
  • I know all will be well in divine timing
  • The path is unfolding perfectly as I walk it
  • Today I embrace where I am on my journey
  • I have unlimited access to divine wisdom


  • Everything is always working out for me
  • The universe is working in my favor at all times
  • My heart is healing and filling with love again 
  • This is part of the journey towards my highest good
  • I compassionately release past hurts and open to new
  • Each day, I regain more strength, joy, and self-love
  • I am guided to find closure in healthy ways
  • Past pain is fading as I move forward with optimism
  • I lovingly tend to my heart through this transition
  • I can get through anything
  • I am an endless well of light and will shine on
  • There are peaceful brighter days on their way to me 
  • I welcome relief, understanding and forgiveness
  • I honor this chapter closing and am ready for my next
  • I embrace the lessons and bless those involved with love
  • My future is mine to shape however I want
  • I choose hope and see the possibilities before me
  • I am always protected by the love of the universe
  • I compassionately listen to what my soul needs right now
  • Feelings are temporary, come in waves and I ride them with grace
  • I am ready to receive the right people and opportunities
    that await me 
  • Everything happens for a reason, even if I cannot yet see it
  • I am guided to find fulfilling new channels for my love 
  • I am comforted by the beauty around me
  • My heart is a wellspring overflowing with self-love and
  • I compassionately tend my emotions like gentle garden with
    flowers waiting to bloom again
  • I honor the light within me
  • Love transcends and always finds me



  • Money loves me
  • Money is always flowing to me faster than I can spend it
  • I am a master attractor for money
  • I am grateful for money and use it as a force for good in my
  • I am an energetic match to wealth at all times
  • I always am open and welcoming to increases in my income
  • I live my life in complete financial prosperity
  • Money flows to me easily and effortlessly
  • There is endless amounts of money in the world and I claim
    my right to as much of it as I desire
  • I boldly ask for what I am worth
  • My financial freedom is manifesting now
  • I attract wealth and abundance consistently  
  • Money comes to me in positive and expected ways effortlessly
  • I gratefully receive wealth simply for being myself  
  • I allow myself to receive prosperity
  • I am worthy of receiving all the money I want
  • Money flows to me continuously
  • My money multiplies every minute
  • I prosper in expected and unexpected ways
  • I am a powerful money magnet
  • I choose prosperity consciousness in every thought
  • I am limitless in what I can receive
  • Cash comes to me from known and unknown sources 
  • I call in money at every moment consciously and
  • I welcome wealth with gratitude and optimism
  • Money is good and I am happy to receive it
  • I attract generous financial gifts from the universe
  • Unlimited prosperity is my divine right
  • I trust infinite supply
  • New income streams flow to me daily
  • Life rewards me financially for being myself
  • I let abundance flow by spending and receiving freely
  • My every need is met effortlessly 
  • Abundant wealth comes to me in miraculous ways


  • I am overflowing with innovative ideas and inspiration
  • My creativity brings me joy and prosperity
  • Solutions always easily appear to me
  • I always access the infinite creative wisdom within me 
  • I think big and manifest new ideas into reality
  • My imagination is a gift to myself and others
  • I boldly express my creativity without limitation 
  • My mind generates fresh solutions effortlessly
  • I view challenges as opportunities for innovation
  • My inspiration leads me to rewarding success
  • I embrace imagination as my superpower
  • My ideas create positive change
  • I am full of original ideas and innovations
  • My imagination overflows with potential
  • I turn dreams into reality through creativity
  • I take action when inspired
  • I courageously share my ideas and inspire others
  • My creativity opens new doors of possibility
  • I allow creativity to flow freely through me
  • My purpose guided by inspiration yields magic 
  • Endless creative potential lies within me
  • My mind constantly conceives what has yet to exist
  • I see everything as an opportunity for creativity
  • New ideas blossom effortlessly
  • I am a force for innovation
  • Everything is always working out for me
  • New opportunities appear to me every day
  • I access the infinite creative source within
  • I manifest my visions into reality
  • My ideas blossom into blessings beyond expectation
  • My ideas inspire others to create and dream
  • Creativity transforms every area of my life
  • I embrace creative thinking and originality
  • I welcome intuitive creative download from spirit
  • Creative potential is infinite within me


  • I attract new opportunities effortlessly
  • Each day I discover new prospects for growth 
  • My gifts open doors to new and exciting possibilities
  • I recognize and seize opportunities aligned with my purpose
  • I welcome unexpected luck and happy coincidences into my
  • My potential is infinite and opportunities overflow
  • I move through each open door with confidence
  • I trust the timing of the right opportunities for me 
  • I encounter joy and success everywhere I go
  • New opportunities find me and I find new opportunities
  • I say yes to beneficial chances that come my way
  • Opportunities for expansion find me
  • Luck follows me wherever I go
  • I attract circumstances to manifest my goals
  • Synchronicity guides me to rewarding opportunities
  • Prospects for prosperity find me unexpectedly
  • My gifts magnetize uplifting opportunities
  • I am a leader in my field and my business is always succeeding
  • My potential is infinite and doors keep opening
  • I spot and capture moments to create something meaningful
  • My open mind spots opportunity everywhere
  • I seize opportunities when I see them
  • I optimize every experience for positive potential
  • I embrace unplanned detours as avenues to success
  • I manifest career breakthroughs that make great change
  • Every challenge makes me stronger and luckier
  • My talents attract opportunities for abundance
  • My optimism lets me see openings everywhere
  • When one door closes, more open through focus
  • I say yes, and watch miracles manifest
  • I ride the waves of opportunity
  • I am always walking into right rooms at just the right time
  • I stay ready to act when prospects appear
  • My gifts manifest rewarding chances effortlessly
  • I attract prospects perfectly aligned with my goals
  • Miracles manifest when I honor every opportunity
  • Synchronicity brings opportunities when I need them most


  • I know success, prosperity and abundance are meant for
  • I allow myself to succeed and flourish no matter what
  • My growth inspires others to fulfill their potential
  • I am surrounded by people who foster my success
  • I am surrounded by people who celebrate my success
  • I am surrounded by people who appreciate my success
  • I acknowledge my achievements with gratitude and pride
  • My efforts and talents always move me towards success
  • I celebrate each milestone and victory
  • It is my right to succeed in the ways I desire
  • My definition of success includes joy, purpose and balance
  • My consistent action makes success inevitable for me
  • I think prosperously and manifest thriving
  • My existence alone manifests my desires into reality 
  • My gifts attract all that I need to flourish
  • I am always a winner
  • Accomplishment starts with believing my potential
  • I am aligned with belief in my own abilities to succeed
  • My vision propels me forward at all times
  • My inner wisdom lights my path to greatness
  • I am 100% capable of anything 
  • I manifest success through my passion and presence
  • I know prosperity is always mine
  • I achieve greatness by staying true to myself
  • I am inspiring to myself and others
  • I know my worth and boldly receive success


  • I welcome exciting new adventures
  • The world is open and available for me to explore 
  • I attract fun experiences all the time
  • Each day offers new possibilities for joyful new memories
  • I effortlessly attract amazing opportunities to see the
  • I trust the universe to guide me to the right places at the
    right times 
  • Each journey nourishes my soul and life perspective
  • I boldly say yes to growth through positive new
  • The gift of travel abundantly enriches my life and is always
    accessible to me
  • Every place holds potential for adventure and insight
  • I embrace travel as an opportunity for expansion
  • Opportunities to travel to places I want to visit are always
    being offered to me
  • The world is filled with beauty waiting to be witnessed by
  • I live a filled with positive experiences
  • I attract fulfilling new experiences that enrich my life
  • I am grateful for the fun experiences that always appear to
  • The roads I walk always lead me to my highest good
  • Travel fills my soul with joy and perspective
  • Each day offers uplifting new experiences when I
    say yes


  • I graciously receive all that I desire
  • I am allowed to want what I desire
  • I am allowed to receive all that I desire
  • I surround myself with beautiful things that uplift me 
  • I am open and willing to accept prosperity
  • I attract wonderful possessions that serve me
  • I choose quality items that support my vision and values
  • My life and home are filled with expressions of prosperity
  • I am worthy and ready to accept abundance
  • My income and belongings positively reflect my inner joy
  • I always get the items what I want
  • I welcome belongings that enhance my joy
  • I accept prosperity through items
  • My space overflows with beautiful and uplifting items
  • I allow divine abundance to manifest throughout my home
  • My home reflects my dreams, passions and peace
  • I am worthy of owning nice belongings as I see fit
  • I accept and enjoy symbols of my inner light in my
  • I welcome items that support my positive attitude
  • I choose pieces meaningful to me that lift my energy 
  • I allow myself to receive gifts from others graciously
  • I surround myself with objects that spark inspiration
  • My environment nurtures the best version of me
  • I welcome belongings with purpose
  • My personal style showcases my creativity and
  • I attract gems, crystals and sacred tools that uplift my
  • Meaningful accessories showcase my unique shine
  • My home decor reflects the energy I wish to cultivate
  • I choose pieces echoing growth, peace and possibility
  • I welcome belongings that silently inspire me
  • My purchases embody my inner optimism and values
  • My space celebrates my personality through treasured items
  • I honor gifts as blessings on my journey 
  • My purchases reflect the amazing life I’m creating
  • I allow abundance to manifest through material belongings