Born in Los Angeles from a passion for holistic self-care, Honor and Claim was created to bring high-vibrational wellness products and practices to those looking to create the daily habits that align with their highest selves and unlock their desired reality.

Our motto: Honor Your Self. Claim Your Desires.

But wait? “Your Self”…shouldn’t it be “yourself?”

Not here. At Honor and Claim, we talk about the Self as an all encompassing reference to body, mind, and divine spirit.

Most supplement brands start with a bodily need then create the product.

At Honor and Claim, we start with the manifestation need and work backwards to source the best ingredients to foster the physical and energetic environment for that desire to manifest.*

The process of intentionally manifesting your desires and transforming your current reality into your desired one requires two steps:

1. Honor Your Self

This step is the foundation of manifesting your desired reality.

It is the act of expressing gratitude and having grace for your Self - body, mind, and spirit - exactly as you are in this current moment while you are on your journey to your envisioned future.

This intentional act of appreciation, no matter how forced it can feel in the beginning, raises your vibration and signals to the universe that you are open to receive what your highest Self desires.

We've harnessed the essence of this step into a daily supplement, enriched with meticulously chosen ingredients that harmoniously nurture your physical and mental well-being. By tending to the vessel through which your soul experiences this world, you cultivate an optimal environment for your aspirations to flourish.*

Step 2: Claim Your Desires

This step is the fun part. This involves unapologetically identifying what you wish to manifest and boldly asserting your right to receive it. It is the literal act of outwardly claiming what it is you desire from the universe and then relaxing in knowing that it will manifest into your physical reality in perfect timing.

We call these Activation Affirmations because when spoken in conjunction with taking our supplements, the Activation Affirmations create an energetic charge unifying your entire Self with the intention of creating the transformation you seek.*

What if the life of your dreams is just one act of Self-care away?