Take care of your heart while calling in the love you desire.*

100% Pure Moringa Leaf.

What are you waiting for? Love awaits.

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Relax. Believe. Receive.

Abundance flows to those who allow it.

Let the calming formula relax your body, relieve your mind and float you into the receiving mode.*



At Honor and Claim, we offer high-vibrational wellness supplements that provide physical + spiritual support.*

These products are created to foster the manifestation of your desires by serving as your daily vibrational alignment practice through Earth's purest ingredients.*

We create products by first identifying a desire category then intentionally sourcing the necessary botanicals, vitamins, and minerals for that desire.*

Perfectly paired with the powerful energetic charge of resistance-free affirmations, synergy between body, mind, and soul is activated to help you align you with your highest Self allowing your desires to rapidly manifest.*

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